Croutage (Drying Time)


Croutage (Drying Time)

Croutage (Drying Time)

Croutage or drying time plays an important role in making perfect macarons, it creates a thin, dry and resistant film on the surface of the macaron shells. When cooked, it becomes crisp. The moisture in the shell lifts it without cracking the surface, and an even set of "feet" forms around its base.

Drying time may vary in minutes depending on the room temperature. To check whether the shells are ready to be put into the oven, lightly brush the top of the one: the batter shouldn't stick to your fingers.

Macaron shell cooked without drying

Shell cooked without drying

Macaron shell cooked after drying time

Shell cooked after drying time

For how long should macarons be cooked?

Here are few points to be used as guidelines for a fan-forced oven; they can be adjusted according to the type of oven you have by a few degrees or minutes.

Macaron Diameter      Oven Temperature      Cooking Time

medium size                150 C (300 F/Gas 2)      14 minutes
4-6 cm (1 - 2 in)

dessert size                 160 C (315 F/Gas 2-3)   15 minutes
6-8 cm (2 - 3 in)

cake base                    170 C (325 F/Gas 3)     17 to 18 minutes
16 cm (6 in) or more

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Paula Angeli
Posted 1686 days ago
I have already tried 3 times but when i let the macarons rest they flatten and lose height and during baking the surfaces cracks all over. What am I doing wrong? I want so hard to get perfect ones!!!
Posted 1752 days ago
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