How to Make Flavour Variations for Macarons


Flavour Variations for Macarons


How to Make Flavour Variations for Macarons

Delight your guests by giving them a wondrous treat, a flavourful macaron made by you of course, complemented with variation of flavours that makes them go wow.

There are 3 ways to make flavour variations for macarons

  1. By sprinkling an added component on to macaron shells.
  2. By adding a powder to make the ingredients dry when making the batter.
  3. By adding a filling.

The easiest way to add more flavour to your macarons is by sprinkling something onto the macaron shell before it dries. Choose a  light topping or something that can be finely chopped.

Macarons with Sprinkle

Here are the example of toppings you may use for sprinkling

  • coloured sugar
  • finely chopped nuts
  • crushed candied flowers
  • cocoa nibs
  • cocoa powder
  • poppy seeds
  • fruit powder
  • cinnamon

Adding a dry powder can add more flavour to your macarons, this makes the ingredients dry easily. Make sure the component is dry because having additional moisture to the mixture can ruin the batter.

Here are the example of dry ingredients you may use for folding into batter.

  • ground tea such as macha or chai
  • raspberry powder
  • spices, such as cinnamon, or black pepper
  • pistachio flour or hazelnut flour

There are wide range of filling that you may add to your macarons. You may use a ganache or fresh fruit fillings.

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