Macaron or Macaroon?


Macaron or macaroon?

Macaron or macaroon?

A macaron is a sweet food made from confectionary sugar, egg whites, almond powder and food colouring. This is filled with different jam filling, ganache and buttercream. You can have various macaron recipes like raspberry macarons, coffee macarons, vanilla macarons, lychee macarons and etc.

These delicious macarons are characterized with a domed top, smooth, flat base and ruffled edges. There have been debates over this mouth watering macarons, regarding its origin and history. It has been traced way back during the French time on the arrival of Catherine de Mediciís an Italian pastry chefs in 1533, when she married Henry II of France. Then in 1830s it has evolved by adding jams, spices and liqueurs in it.

In making a perfect macaron, ensure to have all the materials you need so that you donít waste your time when the batter is mixed. Itís also best to double or multi layer the baking sheets so that you can have the right amount of air and heat circulation while baking. And be sure you have the complete ingredients ready. Following the basic recipe is the best way to achieve a perfect and delicious macaron.
On the other hand macarons has been linked to macaroons.

The coconut macaroon

The coconut macaroon

Although many were confuse regarding the spelling. These two sweet foods are different. A macaroon is also a baked sweet food but a light type. It was described as meringue like cookies or small cakes depending on its consistency. Its origin is a small sweet cake with large ground almonds. This mouthwatering food also came from the Italian word maccarone or maccherone meaning beat or crush. Its recipe is also made from egg whites with powdered or ground seeds and nuts or almonds. However most of macaroons are baked on edible rice paper on a baking tray.

famous coconut macaroon recipe

The most famous macaroon recipe is the coconut macaroon which is found commonly in the United States. Its main ingredients are egg whites, shredded dried coconut and sugar. This is the same as the soft cookie than a meringue but they are both sweet. Like the macarons, macaroons also have variety of versions. There is a coconut macaroon dipped in a white or dark chocolate. Even raspberry jam is put at the center of macaroons.

Macarons or macaroons, they are both sweet, delicious and mouth watering. Both have their own origin and history. Others may think they are the same. And they may have also the same ingredients but one thing is for sure, they are surely the best dessert and snack for everyone.

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